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Leaf Blowers


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Lawn Mowing

We will mow your lawn, trim around obstacles, and blow clippings off sidewalks and driveways. This service is usually set up for weekly rotation. If lawn has not grown due to dry weather,we will skip until the next week. Any bi-weekly service could be subject to a surcharge due to length of grass.

Lawn Edging

Sioux Falls, SD

Removal of excessive lawn growth from over sidewalks, driveways and curbs using a lawn edging machine. You won't believe the difference it will make in the appearance of your property!

Sprinkler Start Ups, Blow Outs and Repair

Just like every other part of your lawn, your sprinklers and irrigation systems need care and maintenance too! From start-ups in the spring to blow outs in the fall, and all the service and repairs in between, we'll make sure that your equipment is running at top efficiency.

Bush and Branch Trimming

They say that the first impression, is a lasting impression. Is the landscape at your home or business sending the right message? If not, call the bush trimming experts at Kut and Kill today and we'll take care of those unsightly bushes, shrubs and small trees. This service needs to be requested and is not included with spring or fall clean.

Lawn Aerating

Want to promote healthy grass growth at your home or business? Aeration may be right for you! The process removes small cores of soil from your lawn, reducing compaction and promoting root growth. This service is usually done in April or October.

Power Raking

Sioux Falls, SD

This service is done in early spring to remove excessive thatch. A power broom is used in most areas, however, a power rake is used in gated back yards where the broom may not fit. Many customers request this service as a way to give their lawn a "clean" look in the spring. Mowing is included.

Pest Control

The threat of pests is always present. Our "Kill" service for homes and commercial customers includes an initial assessment of the pest control needs. We'll create a customized pest control plan that includes extermination of mosquitoes, flies, ants, spiders, and other indoor/outdoor pests. We will continue to monitor your pest control issue to ensure no pests invade your home/yard.

Lawn Fertilizing & Weed Control

We recommend a 5-step application for lawn fertilizing:

  • STEP I: Dry fertilizer applied in early spring

  • STEP 2: Liquid fertilizer with weed control applied in May and/or early June

  • STEP 3: Mid-season dry fertilizer applied in late June or early July

  • STEP 4: Liquid fertilizer with weed control applied in late August through September

  • STEP 5: Dry fertilizer for winterizing applied in late October or early November

If you have 4 applications we will skip Step 5.
If you have 3 applications we will skip Step I and Step 5. If you have 2 applications we will skip Steps I, 3 and 5.

Targeted Weed Control

Sioux Falls, SD

Service targeting weeds that crop up in various areas such as landscaping, sidewalks, and driveways. This service is usually set up on a monthly schedule, May through September.

Spring Yard Clean

Sioux Falls, SD

Spring cleaning takes on a new meaning with Kut & Kill. This service is done in early spring to remove leaves from the lawn and landscaping. Mowing is included.

Pre-Fall Yard Clean

Removal of leaves from the lawn as mowing continues when the leaves are dropping in the fall. Mowing customers note: we will schedule this for all properties that have a leaf accumulation. Please let us know if you do not want us to remove your leaves.

Fall Yard Clean

This service is the final service of the season usually starting in late October and into November (depending on the weather), to remove leaves from the lawn and landscaping. This includes mowing.

Gutter Cleaning

Sioux Falls, SD

Have you looked in your gutters lately? Have they started supporting their own Eco-system? What we need to remember is that gutters and downspouts protect our roofs and walls, guiding water away from the house where it can do no harm. Call today to get your gutters cleaned!